Where the riches are stored
The treasury is the core contract in Daemons and has 3 main functions:
  • Distribute DAEM tokens to script executors
  • Distribute ETH (or the relative chain coin) to DAEM stakers
  • Buyback DAEM to store in the LP or redistribute to the users
While the last action is done automatically in the background, the first 2 are done via the UI in the Execute page.

Execution Rewards

Each time you execute a script (yours or of someone else), you get some rewards paid in DAEM tokens. The rewards can be claimed in any moment from the UI, via one of the 2 actions:
  • Claim: gets the DAEM tokens to your wallet
  • Claim & Stake: directly stakes the DAEM tokens in the treasury, giving you access to the profits of the platform


Anyone can stake DAEM tokens in the treasury. By doing so, they will receive the ETH (or chain coins) stored in the treasury.
Once you've earned ETH, you have 2 choices:
  • Claim: as you can imagine, gets the coin to your wallet
  • Compound: sells the ETH for more DAEM and immediately stakes them in the treasury, compounding the reward.
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