Script Executors

The contracts running the show
Script Executors are a family of contracts, one for each possible action in Daemons.
Actions are packed into messages, containing all information about what needs to be done, and when. Executors work by implementing 2 simple functions:
  • Verify(message, signature) → checks whether the script can be run
  • Execute(message, signature) → runs the script
We can add all the script executors we want, and we can have multiple versions of the same executor running in parallel (so the old executors will continue working even if newer versions have been deployed).
Do you have an idea for a new script executors? FANTASTIC! Contact us at [email protected], and we'll explain to you how to add it. In the future we'll have a more automatic way, but we'll get there step by step.
There are as many executor contracts as available actions, so if you want to have an overview of all executors, you can just have a look at the Actions page.