What you can do with Daemons
Here is an exhaustive list of all actions you can take with Daemons. Remember that actions are just singular pieces of chains that can be linked together to create phenomenal results.
Each script will contain 1 action.


Let's start with the simplest: pass does… Nothing. This action is sometimes needed to create more complex scripts by chaining actions together. Once you understand why you need it, you can consider yourself an advanced Daemons user.


Another simple action, used to send tokens from your address to any other address. Just like that.


The Swap action allows users to swap a token with another. If multiple DEXes are supported on that chain, you'll find a Swap action for each DEX.
Please note: while DEXes use routing to swap from a token to another, the Swap action uses the LP composed by the selected tokens pair. This means that selecting a pair with low liquidity will result in high slippage!

MM Base

This action is used to perform the basic operations of Money Markets: deposit (supply) and withdraw. You'll find an action for each Aave-like MM in the chain you are in.

MM Advanced

This action complements what you can do in Money Markets, allowing you to get loans and repay them. Pay attention, you will get liquidated if you don't pay attention!
You can select whether you want to borrow or repay loans at variable or fixed rate. The UI will tell you your current positions.
Note on percentage selector: the percentage selector might be a bit confusing at first, just remember that
  • When repaying, it represents a percentage on your debt
  • When borrowing, it represents a percentage on your borrowable amount (so never borrow 100%, otherwise you might get insta-liquidated)

Zap In

The zapping-in functionality allows you to swap+add liquidity to an LP in one single transaction.
Daemons' zap allows you to select a pair and specify an amount of either of them, or both tokens. Such versatility is quite rare in DeFi and only a handful of platforms offer it.

Zap Out

Opposite of Zap-In, allows breaking an LP and, either getting the tokens composing the LP in a 50/50 ratio, or receiving all funds converted in one of the two tokens.


Beefy is one of our favorite platforms of DeFi, and we could not omage it by creating an action to interact with it! Daemons allows you to deposit and withdraw any supported LP into Beefy.
We'll regularly be adding supported ourselves, but to not stop anyone, the action also allows you to manually specify the Beefy vault yourself. In this way, you can create actions for the newest vaults without having to wait for us to update the list.
This is it for now, but rest assured that we'll keep adding actions to make our Daemons even more powerful, versatile and useful.
Do you have an idea for a new action? FANTASTIC! Contact us at [email protected], and we'll explain to you how to add it. In the future we'll have a more automatic way, but we'll get there step by step.