Dedicated Executors Page

You can automate script execution without having the need to manually click and execute scripts
The main way of acquiring DAEM tokens is by depositing coins used for gas through the main Daemon's interface and manually executing scripts on behalf of other people. This way you will be rewarded with DAEM tokens proportional to the gas spent on your behalf for securing the execution of other people's scripts.
Now you can automate this procedure, alleviating the need for manual intervention through the dedicated executors' interface, which can be found at:
Here you will be greeted with the Executors interface which consists of various textboxes and options:
  • Chain: This option allows you to choose between the supported blockchain networks that are supported by Daemons
  • RPC URL: The URL used to send Txs to the chain. Both WSS and HTTPS RPC URLs, but HTTPS seem to be the most stable, so we suggest using that. You can get free RPCs with Alchemy (300m calls/month) or Infura (100k calls/day).
  • Profits Destination: The wallet address used here will be the recipient of the DAEM token rewards for executing scripts on Daemons. It can be the same as the wallet where gas is taken from.
  • Throwaway Wallet: This option allows you to create a random wallet at will and be used as a proxy wallet for the Daemons platform. Make sure you write down the private key, otherwise, you might not be able to access your funds stored in that wallet.
    • We recommend not using your main wallet but you can always use your own private keys for feeding the Automated Executor with the gas coin.
  • Additional Settings:
    • Claim Interval: The number of successful transactions before the DAEM tokens are claimed and sent to the profit destination address.
    • Throttle in seconds: The amount of time the system will wait between script executions.
You can utilize the automated script execution DApp on any of our supported chains.