Owners vs Executors

Users that writes scripts, user that runs scripts

Script Owners

Script Owners in Daemons are users that created and own Scripts. Anyone can be a Script Owner and can create unlimited Scripts without incurring any fees.
Once a Script is created, it will be added to Daemons Script Database Queue and, whenever the conditions are satisfied, it will be marked as "executable".
NOTE: For a Script to be executed, you'll need to make sure that you've deposited some coins in the Gas Tank, to cover the execution costs.

Gas Tank

The Gas Tank is a contract used to deposit the coin used to pay for the execution of the user’s Scripts. It essentially is a way to pre-pay transaction fees for your Scripts. The coin depends on the chain (ETH on Arbitrum, MATIC on Polygon, FTM on Fantom, etc.) and can be accessed (withdrawn or deposited) anytime.
NOTE: If the gas tank is below a certain threshold, the user’s Scripts won’t be executed.

Tip Jar

Similar, to the Gas Tank, the Tip Jar is a contract where Script owners can deposit DAEM tokens that will be given as tips to the Script executors. Attaching a tip to a Script will incentivize executors to prioritize the tip-enabled Scripts. The user will be able to withdraw and deposit DAEM into the Tip Jar anytime.
NOTE: If the Tip Jar does not contain enough DAEM tokens, the Scripts that have a tip attached to them won’t be executed.

Script Executors

Executors are Daemons users that execute Scripts. Any user can be both a Script Executor and a Script Owner at the same time. To execute scripts, one needs nothing more than a bit of the chain's native coin to pay for the transaction fees. Each time a Script is executed, the executor will be rewarded with an amount of DAEM tokens (more or less) equivalent to the gas spent.
Executors have 3 possible options:
  • Immediately sell DAEM at market price, to get back the amount spent for the execution of the Script
  • Stake the DAEM tokens to have access to the platform profits (more of this in the tokenomics section)
  • Use DAEM as a tip on their own Scripts to get priority execution