The role of governance on the Daemons platform
At Daemons, we believe in the sharing of profits and responsibilities. This is why the DAEM token, apart from giving access to the profits in the treasury, will also be used for governance purposes.

The beginning of Governance

Enabling Governance as soon as the dApp is deployed would not serve anyone, as very little people will own tokens: the tokens of both team and investors will be locked and the users' tokens will still need to be distributed. In this scenario, whales could easily monopolize any decisions.
We first need to ensure a fair distribution of tokens before any vote can be casted. That's why, Governance will be enabled as soon as 20% of the DAEM in the treasury will be distributed and will be owned by users.
Daemons' governance will be accessible from this page.

Which decisions will be taken

Virtually anything on Daemons could be changed through Governance, but most common use cases will probably be:
  • Platform's thresholds: any threshold value used by the platform is changeable by a vote. This will help fine tune the platform, depending on the market conditions and external events. See Tokenomics to get an overview over the current thresholds.
  • Actions and Conditions: the team will propose new actions and conditions, but will gladly listen to what the community will propose. Governance is a way to propose what the platform's scripts will be able to do.