What is Daemons?

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Daemons is a decentralized application that allows anyone to create blockchain actions tied to certain conditions (called Scripts). The actions will be executed whenever a condition is satisfied, in an "If this, then that" fashion.
A Script deployed on Daemons
Scripts can then be chained together, creating complex actions:
Representation of a Script chain

Why Daemons?

Before Daemons, users with no coding experience could not automate custom actions and had to make do with pre-built actions provided by various platforms. This presents a certain amount of friction between non-technical users of DeFi and smart contract functionality. Platforms and contracts are not flexible, like all pieces of sophisticated software. It requires time and know-how, to prepare, debug, audit, and test a variety of smart contracts in order to automate the simplest of actions.
As such, Daemons was inspired. To remove the boundaries towards a decentralized and personalized finance management tool. Mainly, Daemons allows you to create personalized scripts to interact with your favorite DeFi platforms, in no time, with no programming knowledge, for free. Everyone, not just software developers, should be able to enjoy DeFi. Everyone should be able to create their own strategies and have them up and running instantly, without hassle or costs.

What next?

This documentation will guide you in learning the INs and OUTs of Daemons:

Technical Documentation

If you are looking for the technical side, have a look here: